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To be honest Conor if anyone was passing when your e36 and the e36m3 were side by side they would propaly pick yours out . Being such a rare colour. you want his engine . Massive tax!.You want his sunroof. Rust !. Inferior I'm sure Dave m sport or ascoda can sort you out . They say the e36 will never be as iconic as the e30 but to be honest they propaly Wright on outside aperances but on the inside different story .
I really enjoy mine, it's a very nice car to drive compared to my last e30. Less noise and more comfort, i's fine as a daily but I'm sure M3 power would be nice

I should probably start a thread on my own one some time

--- EDIT ---

Any more info on the diff swap? I have an E30 LSD that was poorly rebuilt and needs to be taken apart to fix backlash etc, might as well put it in the e36