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Thread: E30 help!!

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    Default E30 help!!

    I have a 1991 318i
    I had a problem with it idling found out it was the IDC and then had an air leak from pipes so I changed them and then had to change manifold gasket and ever since now it will splutter and cut out when it starts up until it warms up and will try cut out but once it's warmed up it is fine! I think it may have something to do The with the manifold gasket also it is running very rich so I wonder is it being smuthered? And that's why? Any help or solutions would be greatly appreciated

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    I just bought a 318i for a parts car . Best engine I have seen to idle and it's the same hot or cold . Previous owner said it took ages to get right . In the finish he deleted the idle control valve .

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    Possibly still have vacuum leaks. These are not as much an issue when the car warms up.

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