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Thread: Electric window motor repair possible?

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    Default Electric window motor repair possible?

    Have a motor that was stuck... Bit wd40 and few bangs and she goes again but slowly...banging while on switch helps then she will stop again


    Can the motor be repaired or new motors? Or is it just get second hand one?


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    Have the very same problem for nearly two years now. A good auto electrician told me they don't do them as they are sealed units or something along those lines.

    I'v gotten used to it now so I never let the drivers side window down fully, always leave a bit to grab onto if it needs encouragement to go back up. I let it down a few times without thinking and I found that opening and closing the door a couple of times seemed to jolt life back into it.

    I reckon most second hand units will eventually suffer the same problem so I'm looking around for a new replacement unit. I wonder would any of the other BMW series units be made fit and do the same job?

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