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Thread: Rotor (distributor). Which one???

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    Default Rotor (distributor). Which one???

    I notice there are 2 general types of rotor available for the '84 318i.
    I've tried searching online but can't find much info.

    What is the difference? The price difference is significant.
    My car currently has the more expensive type of course.
    But is the smaller rotor interchangeable?!332!343.html

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    They dont look the same but I would be confident that Mr Auto would have the correct type as their catalogue of parts for different models would be spot on in my opinion.They also show OEM part references.

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    Mr. Auto do offer both types though.

    Also with all those sites, they tend to list a mixture of parts as compatible when you enter your reg.

    I know they list about 4 different sizes of air filter for my corolla.

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