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Thread: Bit of delima after selling e30

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    Default Bit of delima after selling e30

    Put up a e30 325i touring and a 316 I on donedeal got a msg to swap a 316i m44 conversion plus 2k . Replied back that I didn't have 2k to spend . Got reply back have you any e30 parts . I said I have an e30 31& touring . He replyed back he was happy to swap without seen . I organised transport to Tipperary costing 500 which I said I'd pay half . To be honest I tought was cheap because it was 3 runs . Anyone needing cheap transport il give his number ! Anyway I sent up the 325 touring first and he sent his car down . After a lot of haggling from transporter . Sent up 318 touring . Then I sent up the 316 m10 . . Anyhow I got a call from my man yesterday that the log book didn't match the vin of the car and because he found two wires under the back seat which meant the car was originally a fuel injected model that I didn't tell him the truth on what I wAs selling . What I want to no Is how do I stand . I know for a fact the logbook does match the vin number . Now he wants to go back and for me to pay to have all cars moved back again , which I told him he bought without seeing . What I think he got my 3 cars up and wasn't happy . What do ye think ? Il be glad to get mine back especially 325 touring but why should I pay full cost . His car not as described the battery fit to FAll through battery tray . Bit about vin and logbook pusses me off especially when he apologised for reading it wrong . Never agin selling a car to someone that haven't vied it
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    If he is unhappy with the deal then he should pay the entire transport cost. Why should you be out this cost along with the aborted sale. He is very lucky if you agree to even accommodate this. Must be getting commission from the transporter

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