Maybe I wasn't clear: "Purple Tag 678 Rack: 3 Turns Progressive Gearing - less feedback/less twitchy on center for high speed handling"

I had written a response, but this wiki blurb summarizes the jist. You can have 2 racks, both 3 turns lock to lock, but with different valving and tooth profiles, how could they not be different?

"Variable-ratio steering is a system that uses different ratios on the rack in a rack and pinion steering system. At the center of the rack, the space between the teeth are smaller and the space becomes larger as the pinion moves down the rack. In the middle of the rack there is a higher ratio and the ratio becomes lower as the steering wheel is turned towards lock. This makes the steering less sensitive when the steering wheel is close to its center position and makes it harder for the driver to oversteer at high speeds. As the steering wheel is turned towards lock, the wheels begin to react more to steering input"