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    Gone from my e36 tds to this 320d some say I'm mad . But had one before as a family car . Due to expanding family had to sell for 7 seater . And always wanted one since was the most reliable car I ever has as the old thing in 6 years only need a light bulb . Even though the tds was some yoke to keep going . No proplems . Put up on donedeal on Sunday and it was swaped for e30 touring . Long story I actualy owned the touring before . Have a thread on projects on here about it . Deal done with a member on here
    So my question about these 320d is swirl flaps is so you blank them or just inspect . Rang a macinac that works for bmw maindealers . He said the only one he see to fail was one that was so gunked up due to no servicing. He said it will feck up cold start if I blank em . Any thoughts on this ?
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    Good luck with new car
    I've done the swirl flap delete on 04 530d, no issues at all, I didn't notice any difference, but for the peace of mind I think it's worth it.
    In my opinion the gunk build up has nothing to do with lack of service, it's caused by oil sucked in through crank case breather and mixed with fumes sucked in from the egr. I'd advise you to remove the intake manifold and clean the gunk, if there is a lot of it you'll notice big difference in performance after you clean it. You can inspect the flaps when you have the intake out.

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    Change the breather filter while you're at it

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