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Thread: VRT for vert e30 (imported 12 years ago) HELP needed!!

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    Default VRT for vert e30 (imported 12 years ago) HELP needed!!

    Well lads,
    Suggestions welcome. Ill try keep this fairly short.
    I imported a cabriolet 325i in 2006 without a V5. I drove it on UK plates for about a year and then spend a year and a half stripping it down and fully respraying it (should have VRT'd it straight away). I then brought it for VRT inspection.
    The only important paperwork i had from the DVLA with my details on it is a Permanent Cert of Exportation.
    I was quoted about 700 for VRT but an extra fine of about 1200 (1900 altogether, scumbags!).
    I refused to pay it and take the chance of recouping the fine. Its been parked up in dry storage since and that fine has been going up and up year on year.
    So it turns vintage on March 29th 2018 and i will attempt to VRT again.
    Does anyone know the best way to approach this to try avoid a fine. The vintage VRT is about 200.
    Im in the motor trade myself but should i get another tradesperson to take it to the test center?
    Should i even present the cert i have which is dated 2007?
    They may not have my previous visit on record as was so long ago and their computer systems was changed in 2014.
    Any help or suggestions recommended. Thanks, Mike.

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    Easiest way is to get a written reciept of sale from somebody in the North but might be awkward now that you might be on file on the system
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