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Thread: New E30 Touring owner

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    Default New E30 Touring owner

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a 1914 E30 316 Lux Touring. A friend of mine imported it from the UK a few years back and it hasn't really seen much use since. I has low'ish mile and is completely original from what tell. BMW main dealer and Munich legends service history.

    I'm in the process of putting it through the NCT and has only failed on minor items as 1 ball joint, exhaust, and a rear solid brake pipe.

    The plan is to have it as a daily/classic policy with 6000 mile limit.

    I have a 01 transit also and a Mk1 Escort which I was restoring for years. Thats done now, so needed something else to keep me busy

    Trying to get all the insurance together or combining the escort and bmw is a disaster so looks like I have to keep the transit and insure the BMW as classic as above..

    I've been on to one or two of you through facebook looking for a few items I can find online and still looking, but Ill post a wanted add maybe here as well.
    - Front seat base's or new upholstery kit? Don't know if they are available but i thought with everyone switching to sport seats or bucket seats for drifting, there would be seats out there?
    - Headlining material. I have the usual sagging issue, and lots of people seem to go with black or another non standard fabric. Again, id like to keep it as close to original, so if anyone has come across this, let me know.
    - Small bit of rust on the drivers door low down and a mark on the sill.. I'll get that sorted in the summer maybe..

    Id be interested to hear what people have done with upgrades for daily driving without cutting, welding etc...

    Its taking all my strength to not strip out the engine and put something newer in, gain, the originality appeals to me right now, and I'd have no idea how to insure it until it turns vintage. Id say insurers would run a mile!!!

    Anyway, that's about it.. Cheers.

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    Well done on getting a good car with few problems. Tourings were generally well minded in comparison to other model e30's. It will keep you busy between sorting the usual problems with these cars and upgrading it with the fancier Sport accessories. The body is a fair pull for a 316i all right but upgrades here while tempting tend to devalue the car.

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    Congrats on the purchase. Is that the red one on facebook looking to have some welding done?

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